Sunday, March 17, 2013

Internship struggle

Last week was the most difficult week out of this quarter. It was tough, but I'm so grateful for that week. I've learned and grown so much from it. It was mainly one particular day, an intern day. While interning, I experienced something that will be one of those things that will never be forgetten. I already feel it imprinted in my mind. Never have I felt so much compassion for a child while at the same time feeling just the same immense amount of pain and sorrow for him/her. You can say that I've never seen so greatly the impact of decisions that an adult makes on the child. This child was the one who I do counseling with. I know and have talked to people who have come from different backgrounds & situations but there was something about that experience last week that made most likely a forever impression on me. Maybe it was that my role is to help the child, and be his/her advocate and encourager. Perhaps it was that my sole focus in working with the little child is for him/her to attain happiness and instead I saw the utter opposite.

One particular thing really helped me grow from these experiences this week. It was a certain passage that I read. During this week there was a phrase from the scriptures I studied which really stood out in regards to the things that I've experienced this week. There was a noble leader named Mormon who witnessed his people become very wicked through continuously making bad decisions, went into warfare and got murdered in battle. In response to grieovously and mourfully watching his fellow men die, I noticed how he didn't disdain them, didn't laugh at them, scorn them or lift himself up. Instead he addressed them as "O ye fair ones" instead of saying something along the lines of "That's right, you (insert your own demeaning phrase)" Even after seeing how evil his people have become, Mormon still had respect for them and saw them as people of potential.

After studying that passage from the scriptures, I've been challenging myself to see others how Mormon did. I'm learning, growning, striving. .

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