Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Cutest Lion-Dog I Know

This is Puppy. <3

Puppy is a member of the Kat family (my in-laws). He protects his family by being an adorable guard dog. I first met him shortly after Chadsen & I started dating. When I first saw his fluffy cuteness you can imagine how he immediately stole my heart! Now that Chadsen & I are married I can say that we are officially family! :))

Can you absorb this much cuteness!?

When we take him out on walks, we hear people exclaim, "Look at that lion!" or "Is that a lion?" Sure looks like one, but he is a Chowchow (dog). :)

Out biggest reward from taking him on a walk: This adorable smile that always follows afterward.


My cute husband, with cute Puppy.

He is so lovable.

So lovable.

This is pretty much my reaction almost every time I see him.

So A-sian.


Puppy definitely brings rays of sunshine into my little life. Do you have a pet that you love? :)


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