Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucky at Disneyland

Last Saturday Chadsen & I went to Disneyland where a lot of lucky things happened to us. I would like to say that these were lucky events, but I also believe that it was God being extra kind and merciful to us as we have been trying to live our newlywed life as frugally as possible (to the best of our own ability). 

The lucky events:

1. Chadsen & his co-worker not only got free tickets to go to Disneyland with a group of international students that he works for, but he got paid to be there the entire time until he got back to work.
2. My sweet sweet friend Bonnie got me into both parks for free. :)
3. I was able to ride the bus with Chadsen with his coworker and the international students, thus saving about $20.
4. After waiting maybe over 30 minutes to get Chadsen & his co-worker's tickets, the lady helping them gave us three Fast Passes to rides of our choice! 
5. When it was getting near the time to leave, as Chadsen & I were walking toward the Cars ride (forgot the exact name of it) to see if we would have enough time to ride it, a man with his two daughters (or female relatives) approached us with two fast passes for that ride. Thanks to him we got to ride our now favorite ride in the entire Disney park. 
6. When buying an order of ice cream in a waffle cone, the man helping me added free Mickey Mouse confetti after Chadsen simply asked me whether I wanted them!

This is the sweet sweet Bonnie which I spoke about. :)
She has been one super kind friend ever since we met back in tennis class.
Chadsen, already feeling a bit bugged that I won't stop taking pictures of him from the first two hours of being in Disneyland;).
Bonnie loves: Jedi Training Academy
The lights inside of Indiana Jones made us want to take sexy shots.
Are they not hot?

We went on our Fast Pass rides with these three in front of us. :)

Chadsen took this one as so many birds started flying around!
These are the tickets that the kind man and his two daughters (or relatives) gave us.
Thank you!

I love it when food looks adorable. Ughhh.


Isn't it odd when you wish for ice cream even though you feel freezing cold?

I can't wait to go back :)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black Bread for a Windy Day

Today the air feels amazing! There is something about that crispness in the air after rainfall. I love it! It happens to be really windy also today so you can really feel that crisp air. Love iiiiit.

I got to enjoy hearing the whooping air while enjoying my most likely favorite bread from 85 Degrees. Hopefully somebody else is enjoying this weather too :)

Neighbor's American flag being whipped around by the wind.
You gotta admit that this bread looks like black poo. It still tastes good though.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Delicious-latier

Last Saturday Chadsen took me out for a Valentine's day date! :) It was a wonderful day for lucky little me. Let's have the pictures (some taken with the iphone, some with my Canon) do most of the talking. 

In the morning he took over the kitchen and made me crepes for breakfast. I LOVE CREPES! :)
Thank you.
After breakfast he took me to a chocolate shop, one that is now my absolute favorite chocolate shop!

The name is Compartes Chocolatier 
The owner Jonathan designed all of the covers of these chocolate bars. They actually got featured on Vogue magazine. Pretty cool huh?

These chocolates & truffles were beyond gourmet. They were perfectly enjoyable. That means they were perfect, and enjoyable to a perfect degree. I would seriously call them a delicacy. 

Peanut butter cup, Chocolate dipped apricot & chocolate covered ginger. 
Why the heck were they so good? 
What was surprising about the peach was that it didn't taste like the typical "way too sweet" dried fruit. 

This is most likely the most delicious Gourmet Salted Toffee my mouth has ever savored.
We cannot wait to go back.
For lunch we just happened to find this little place called Layla's (Mediterranean food). This place was also extremely good, thank goodness we decided to try it. I scarfed down the little green salad that came as a side to the salmon wrap, which was a tasty surprise. 
Something about the sauce/dressing was so tasty.

So what did I do for him for Valentine's Day? On the actual day I baked him this little brownie & then gave him Batman Valentine's cards that had little messages from myself on Saturday. :)

We ended the day watching the movie Frequency together & drinking yummy boba. It was a great day for lucky little me.


Monday, February 11, 2013

The Survey and Two Dozen Extra Donuts

This weekend was packed but definitely fun. Maybe you can say that it was fun-packed. (get it? >;)) We got to celebrate Chinese New Year twice over the weekend thanks to Warren's family and my Kat family, made our last fun memory before my close friend Joanne left to chase her dreams, and I got to join crazy fun people in being spiritually refined at the Relief Society Conference.

So today, having the day off, I slept in feeling sort of exhausted from the weekend (weaksauce.)

Today's post is about the survey that got us 24 extra Krispy Kreme donuts.

Last year Chadsen & I had a craving for Krispy Kreme donuts. After buying a few, I noticed that on the receipt the company wanted us customers to fill out a survey in return for a dozen free glazed donuts when we next buy a dozen. Usually I'm not one to care about filling out surveys (nor buying a dozen donuts), but I did and thankfully it barely took any time.

Having Valentine's Day around the corner, a few weeks ago Chadsen took me to Krispy Kreme again because I loooove seeing the different kinds of decoration and designs that companies do to their products during various holidays, especially the bakeries.

So we bought a dozen donuts, of course some including adorable Valentine's designed ones, then came the free extra glazed. We were quite satisfied with this deal (Already contemplating about who to obviously share this motherload of donuts with), but when we got to the register we saw something else that was definitely a "WOOHOO" moment. The sign said that if you buy a dozen donuts, you get 12 "Valentine's Cards" that lets the recipient get a free donut! Oh man, that day, we were getting more than our money's worth! Cha-ching! :)

So from buying 12 donuts, we essentially left with 36. I think some surveys may be worth filling out :).


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pork with yo Veggies

Today Chadsen and I exercised. Some of you might be thinking, "Ok that's nice...". Well, besides stretching my legs when letting my chinnies out to play, I haven't been exercising for months. Same goes with Chadsen, with his loads of work for school. Exercise hasn't been on our priority list, so we were so glad to have gone on that hike! I can't wait to do that again. Pictures will come out a few posts later :).

Last night I made pork with tomatoes and lettuce with a side of a simple carrot salad. It's been so long since I cooked, it felt absolutely wonderful! Cooking is extra fun when the food you make turns out good. Fortunately this one did.

The pork was cooked using the toaster oven :). How did it work? I first inserted about 1 cm cuts into the pork on both sides, whacked it a few times to widen the cut, then added salt & pepper to both sides. After the pork was placed inside of crumpled up aluminum foil, it got cooked it in the toaster oven for seven minutes on one side and seven minutes on the other. (I added a few more minutes on the second round just to make sure that it was fully cooked). The tomatoes were marinated in a sauce that I made and when the pork was ready I put the sauce and tomatoes on top! The salad was a recipe on it's own, which I talked about on a previous post.

Next post: Extreme Krispy Kreme deal! :)