Saturday, September 7, 2013

Three: Sneaky, Camouflage-y, Persistent

These past few weeks have been a little bit busy with school stuff & starting up a little business but it's also good! Chadsen started grad school last week, & I actually began to revamp writing in my personal journal. Journal writing really helps me appreciate the things that happen throughout the day and the things I have. If anybody has been feeling that they're lacking appreciation, give it a try! 

In regards to my tomato plant, one thing I've noticed over the past month is that our newly-growing tomato flowers have been dying or disappearing. For a long time I concluded that it was due to the little flying bugs that refuse to leave them alone. Although this suspicion is still high on the list, yesterday we found another possible predator to my poor tomato-to-bes: three big caterpillars! Since it was my first time encountering a big caterpillar, it's design and ability to camouflage astonished me quite a lot... so I ended up taking a few pictures before asking Chadsen to relocate them. 

These are photos of only the first one. While getting the first one off, Chadsen found a BIGGER one, and then later in the day I found yet another one (but more the size of the first one). Total: three.

P.S. Chadsen told me that he found one of them this morning in the front yard, where he placed them.

Have a good one!


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