Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Contemplation: Future Career


It's been another busy past few days. I've been searching for a part-time job, and getting ready for school and my internship.  

Lately I've been thinking about my future life including my future career. 

Those who know me well know that I'm currently pursuing Social Work at the moment for my BA, and am deeply interested in getting a MSW. There hasn't been anything else that I've felt so passionate about than Social Work. There are so many various jobs that Social Workers can do, and I'm yet to test the waters on them.

There is something that holds more significance to my life than my future career. It's my future family. In the future, I want a family and I plan to keep them priority #1. That means that I want to be a full-time mum. That's a bit rare to hear these days in American society huh? During the years of focusing on the family, I don't want want to work much if possible. If anything, I'd ideally like a job that I can enjoy while hopefully making enough supplemental money. I wonder during this time of rearing a family if I'd be working at all, and if so if I'd be doing SW, or if I'll determine that I enjoy a different job. I do have other interests, but would it satisfy me more than SW? Anyways, I just can't help but wonder what life would be like! I hope to love my career, but I plan to love my family more. Well, if I'm still blogging by the time the Kat family grows I'll tell myself what future Mrs. Kat is doing huh? 

In the past I've considered whether I should even finish schooling since I probably won't work so much for quite a few years during the motherhood phase of life. While thinking about that I remembered my long term goal, one set goal for my FAR future (old grandma future) that I'm determined not to change. That is to be an emergency/disaster response worker for LDS services (my church service). They are known to be extremely fast at arriving at disaster spots when something strikes. I think getting an MSW for this future "occupation" would be well worth it in the end :). 

We'll just have to see what happens. Regardless, I'm not regretting choosing SW as my major, I love it. :) 


Shabu Shabu pork on top of lettuce & seaweed.
Dressing: Ginger, vinegar or mirin (can't remember which) & soysauce!
This is a nice cold dish for these hot days. :)
This is a part of my cooked tomatoes on top of eggplant dish.
Dressing: Ginger, cooked sake & soysauce.
Surprisingly BOMB.COM
A different type of Teriyaki chicken.

King Oyster (it's just a mushroom) & bacon spaghetti :)

Sunshine Spotlight:

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a cartoon artist. I loved drawing as a young child. Even though my adoration of art is still present as an adult, that dream has long dissipated as I grew older. I used to show my drawing to people on a very seldom basis. I guess it felt like bragging so I felt embarrassed to show people. 

These are little drawings I've made within the last few years.

Need better lighting? Maybe huh?

Hope somebody can benefit from it :))?

This is a little video of ducks free falling, literally.

That's little Shifu with poopoo stuck in his head!


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  1. hahahahaha the last pic. you crack me up. some things never change. miss you :)