Monday, September 3, 2012

Where is your milk from?

Man it's been a while since I last posted. 

Today the only relevant thing to the title is this random item!

Do you want to know where your milk came from? This website will tell you! :) :) It is such an easy process, like 1-2-3! Wabam! When I found out where my milk was made, I suddenly felt more appreciation for it!

I dare you to try it.

My Own Little Thoughts: 
Last week was rather relaxing, yet not. Neither Chadsen or I had work so it was super chill. 

Thanks to this break we got to finally finish furnishing our home with IKEA goods. We love that place and love their food, but we've concluded that IKEA might be a black hole of time. Somehow, whenever we go in there, HOURS has passed by the time we leave. Every time we get out of that place, we're shocked at what time it is. I wonder if anyone else knows what I mean.

Last week I learned a lot about myself. Due to having a lot of leisure time (Chadsen has a few weeks off), we spent much time at home. Until last week, never had I known the degree to which how much I don't like being home all day. Despite how much I love my husband, I cannot stay at home all day. If I do, my mind just goes crazy. Don't get me wrong. Love my husband, when we were dating, we saw eachother everyday! So I love being with him, but I don't love being at home all day (when we were dating, I rarely had a day where I stayed home the entire day). From figuring this out, my kind husband, who is actually quite comfortable being a home-body was nice enough to take me out and help me not go insane that week :).

On Sunday, (yesterday) we had a rare family-in-law-in-law get together for my nephew William's baby blessing. After the baby blessing at church we got together in celebration for him. It was so neat, not only were my parents there at the get-together, but my husband's parents and his sister's husband's family were also there. Was that confusing?! Sorry there. I had a wonderful time, it felt so awesome. I'm so grateful to have a family (and extended family) that is so welcoming and loving.  

This year, a sincere interest of beauty has been growing within me. Not make-up & superficial beauty, but the beauty of the arts. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the beauty of... my gosh maybe everything. It's all of a sudden so fascinating to me! Or maybe it just took this year to figure out that it sparks up my life. 

Today, Chadsen & I are going to the park!

I've been trying to make healthy breakfasts!
Whole wheat baguette slices, yogurt, Japanese sausages & lettuce. 

Bunny apples. Mom, I'm glad you taught me quite a lot before I moved out! 

Sunshine spotlight: 

Fun fact: Chinchillas live an average of 15-20 years. :) 

My friend Bonnie made these wooden names of us for our reception, and now it's displayed in front of our tv :)

Cute-ifying, little by little >:)

When we saw this, we could not miss a chance to capture Shifu looking so funny!

Wife = pillow
Is that a dead rat?

No, it's just Boba, sleeping with her head out of the box...

Cute, overload.


  1. First, this is Jen Li (if you cannot recognize the username lol). Second, I love your breakfast and the bunny apples, they look so tasty. Look at you, I am kind of worrying myself... all I can cook is fried-rice lol Also, love the picture where your wrote "Wife = pillow," haha, so comfortable he does not want to wake up, right? lol

  2. IKEA is a place of wonders! lol. I love going there. I feel like anytime when I'm seriously having fun shopping, time goes by super fast. And I totally agree with you- I'm also like that too, I can't stay at home all day. I tell that to Omar sometimes and he's like, "Where do you want to go?". I"m just all for- I don't care, anywhere but staying inside! I guess we just have to much energy or joy to spread that our little homes can't hold in, haha. Plus, I love the sunshine.