Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hidden Gems in San Francisco

Last week Chadsen & I had the wonderful opportunity of indulging the beauty of Santa Cruz & San Francisco for four nice days.

It was an amaaazing experience, but I don't plan to type up so much about it since there are so many uploaded pictures that can do the talking :). The air up there was so crisp and refreshing, oh we wish the air was the same down here in LA.  I got to cross off one of the items on our bucket list: Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz. If you haven't seen it, it's quite a mind-boggling experience surrounded by irreplaceable, beautiful nature. I loved seeing how things can be so different from city to city. It is so amazing to me, just imaging the completely different lives that people live all across the globe from country to country, city to city.

Our friend Jojo invited us to stay at her home to stay during our little vacation. We cannot thank her and her kindn roommates for their hospitality. :) Our favorite memory from staying there was playing Taboo with her and Brandon. "JUST SKIP IIIIIIT!!!" Thanks so much Jo, let's play again! :)

My Little Thoughts: 
I've noticed that my blog hasn't been what I have been aiming for. I mean, I love talking about food and cute things, but I want the blog to be more than superficial. I want it keep record of things that can touch hearts, at least my own. I want to write more about my own personal thoughts, my goals and things that rather inspire me. Hope it doesn't bother anyone who follows the blog. :)

My husband's Blog:
For those who are deep thinkers or would like to challenge your mind to dig in, my husband also has a blog! With his blog he hopes to help readers to open up their minds and think deeper about things about things usually not noticed. :) As a social worker, this definitely is an interest for me. :) Maybe it is for you too.

Our trip described via pictures: 
Santa Cruz

On the way to the Mystery Spot, we were engulfed by beautiful Redwood trees.
Funky? That's what the Mystery Spot did to us. 
It's a must-try if you're into being weirded out.
Our tour guide told us about how he doesn't know what he wants to study for college. "That's why I'm still here". :(
Found this at an eco-friendly store in Downtown Santa Cruz.
Unlike this statue, there were a lot of live street performers and singers. Sweet.

Out of everything we saw, I think the Oakland temple was the most beautiful thing we saw during the entire trip.
There's supposed to be water flowing down behind me. Regardless, absolute beauty.
The view from the temple.

San Francisco
First day in San Fran, there was a free Nesquik give-away!
Fisherman's Wharf!

The two sea lions at the very right were fighting the entire time we were there.
Hello China-town!
We spent the first 15 minutes on the wrong street (the markets), which was selling dead fish in almost every store.
Thank goodness we found the right street. :)

The 7 story mall that had windy escalators. 
Of course, we had to visit the Golden Gate Bridge! :) It was so amazing to see.
Gangnam style!
It was even cooler walking it :)
We also had to visit this place. Where it all started! We'll talk about the food later.
We got lucky and found a Trolley that didn't have a line that promised a wait of at least 30-40 minutes.
Guess we weren't the only tourists. :O
BIG thank you to Josephine for so kindly opening her apartment place for us to stay during our trip!
So generous! :)
Also thanks Marvin for coming out to see us, good job on your MCATs!
Bay Bridge. The other suspension bridge, awesome.
Japantown! :) 10 times more impressive than Little Tokyo. 
I'm so lucky to have a cute husband :)
We came to Japantown on Saturday just to see this sumo match!
Don't underestimate, these guys are tough. :O
Can you see them going at it?

Here are some neat things we tried up north. 

On the way to Santa Cruz, we saw a sign that said "Garlic Ice Cream." So we tried it.  I'll never try it again.
Chadsen got vanilla, I got chocolate. You can consider it similar to Stinky Tofu, but garlic ice cream.
Bomb.com This had peaches, blackberries, & a few other fruits inside.
Chocolate bottom, peanut butter pie with seared marshmallows on top. Heavy-as.
Montclair Eggshop
The Daily Grill served us amazing food.
Chadsen's order: Fish & Chips
This was awesome. Porkchop with blackberry sauce. Loved that place.
Carmel's Wood-fired pizza. This was a small joint on the side of the street near the Wharf.
We had never tasted pizza that delicious before. 
The one we liked more: The Caprese pizza. Heirloom tomatos, Whole Milk Mozzarella.
This pizza dazzled our taste buds.
If anyone ventures out there, I guarantee much satisfaction. :)
We ordered "Happy Face Crepes". They surprised us with something so much cuter!
The crepe wasn't just cute, it tasted amazing.
The crepes were nice & soft,  like how they're supposed to be. -___- 
The store name started with "Belly Good."
We also got to taste the most delicious chocolate that we have ever had. Teuscher Chocolate. If anyone ventures out to San Fran, please check it out.

From our experience, best places to visit was actually not the places talked about in tourist websites, but the places we found on our own. Why don't you try roaming around sometime and find out for yourself? :)

I saw good news online about this man who does not have any arms or legs this week. He got married, and even better, he is expecting a child with his wife. It was absolutely touching to me.

This man is in this short film

His page disclosed that his wife is 14 weeks pregnant on about the 5th post: http://attitudeisaltitude.com/news.php

I think he is a great symbol of hope and strength. I'm grateful for him not giving up on love and shining light to all of us who get to be influenced by him.

This is the kind of humor I love and instill within myself. Corny humor. :) Gotta love Nat.

Side note: 
I really missed the chinchillas during our trip. While being babysat at Grandma/Grandpa Taguchi's, they wreaked havoc. They chewed an almost 10 inch hole out of a small one (that was made for breathing air) and escaped twice. When my parents woke up in the morning, they were quite surprised to see all three chinnies running around, leaving poop everywhere! haha thanks Mom & Dad!



  1. Haha.. OMG!! I love your post. :)
    I don't even know where to start commenting. First of all, Mystery Spot seems awesome. I want to visit. Actually, I want to visit the rest of California. Second, I laughed so hard when I read the PooPooPaper "We're number one at number two." LOL! Third, Gangnam Style!!! hahaha... I have you seen him on Ellen? I saw a video on YouTube where he says he compares himself to Austin Powers and how he can do the Single Ladies dance as good as Beyonce & Lady Gaga. Fourth, garlic ice cream? >p Thanks for the warning. It didn't sound too good to me. You guys are such adventurists/daredevils. Keep it up!! You guys will have a lot of fun exploring and it seems like you guys already are. I need to learn some pointers haha. And lastly, that man with no limbs have a beautiful wife! What a lucky man, but I'm sure she is the one who's lucky to have such a man! It's cute when people find love like that. I remember thinking while I was dating Omar (shh..don't tell him this, haha, jk) if one day there was an accident or something *knock on wood* and he was wheel chair bound or something happened to his face, would I still like/love him? That was the ultimate question that made me think deep about how much love I have for him. Anyways, looking forward to more of your posts! And Chadsen WOULD have a blog like that, hehe.

    1. Wow thanks for reading my blog Bex!
      When you come to California, let us take you out please (unless you want to have vacation time alone, I totally understand that too haha!). I haven't seen that episode of him on Ellen, I've got to check it out! Yeah, that garlic ice cream wasn't that good, but I guess it was worth a try?

      Yeah she is so beautiful, I hope they treat each other well! :) You know, that's funny cuz I've asked that question too so don't feel bad! I think we both know the answer to that :) Aren't we also lucky? hehehoho.