Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Your Food can Taste Better from Within

A while back my husband had shown me a discovery that he made about how to better enjoy your food while eating. :O

He told me to try consciously exhaling while chewing my food, and then to try inhaling while still eating. It was crazy. The food tasted better while I was exhaling than while inhaling! Chadsen, being smart explained that "smelling and breathing both have a major factor in determining how good your food tastes. Exhaling seems to engage more of the taste of what you eat." Today I tried this concept again while eating the Creme Brulee from Porto's, and oh how it tasted so delicious, especially when exhaling! (Sounds freaky haha) 

I challenge you to try it, see what happens :)

I realized that I do an overload of pictures per post, so I'll try to cut write more often with less pictures. Sound alright?


Chadsen's first braised dish. Delish!
Beef Chuck: 2 regular steaks
Baby carrots: approximately 1 cup
Onions: 1/2
Salt: As desired (we put ~1/2 Tbsp)
Pepper: few shakes
Cilantro (optional topping)

Begin to braise the beef for about 1 hr.
Cut the onions into cubes
Boil the carrots & onions while the beef is cooking.
After the beef is braised, add it to the boiled vegetables in a plate.
Add salt & pepper
Add cilantro if desired.

This Thanksgiving my side of the family again celebrated by making and eating sushi! (I forgot to take pictures at the delicious Kat family Thanksgiving dinner) X(
Some food was made, some bought.

As strange as eating sushi for Thanksgiving may sound, I found out that we might be pretty close to the origins of Thanksgiving! The historian on this Youtube video stated that the pioneers actually ate a lot of seafood for their Thanksgiving haha!
Hope he's not wrong, but if so feel free to correct me plz :O

My pop & mum

Chicken Karaage

This is the Creme Brulee which had the enhancement of flavor due to exhaling while eating!
(It tasted amazing even without breathing out though :) )
Chadsen's dog.
My favorite dog. I miss him :(

Cute, no?
"Shifu is not impressed." - Chadsen

Mimi's growth is nice but spatially, it is becoming a little problem.


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