Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mormon Girl for Obama

It's been a while!

Two weeks ago I began suffering from the flu. When I had thought the sickness was starting to leave this week, a friendly sinus infection came to visit and has decided to stick around. For years I hadn't been sick for over a day or two, so this is an unusual case. :O

I felt so grateful for my sweet husband who kept prioritizing my health and took such good care of me during these stressful times. Only if he hadn't gotten sick from me, sorry about that! Mom, thanks for visiting and taking care of me, bringing along delicious desserts. :) I'm also grateful for my Kat parents for bringing food and goodies. Thank you thank you, thank you.

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So many people must be tired of hearing about the presidential elections like this girl who cried over it. At the same time, I know so many people look forward to making their vital contribution to electing our president who will be serving us for four years, like I am! Being sick, and having such an important event coming up, I cannot miss my chance to discuss who I am voting for with hopes not to arouse any contentious feelings. I always try my best in general to have an open eye and clear vision when making judgments and this presidential election was no exception. 

Being a Mormon and a future employee in the Social Services, I had the chance to hear opinions from both the Republican and Democratic voters. Of course many of them spoke with much emotion when sharing their political stance and personal choice. It had bothered me how fellow citizens bash on other parties or presidential candidates because those remarks seem full of pride, and it creates separation. Chadsen said "You can disagree without being disagreeable. It doesn't give you  permission to be rude to other people". 100% agreed, pahtnah. I see so many people making very "unfriendly" remarks toward the other parties. Although we may not agree on the systems or ideas of differing parties, we ought to know from history that segregation does not create a better nation. It creates animosity, and it does not create a productive world. At least in my opinion.

Going back to the subject, as Mormons my husband and I have been wanting to like Mitt Romney for quite a while because, he's Mormon. People must think that we are voting Romney simply on the basis that, we're also Mormon. I do remember thinking, "It would be nice to have someone with the same living standard and beliefs guide our nation." After watching the presidential debates, hearing both of their speeches at the DNC and RNC, who did I pick? I have decided to vote for President Obama. I feel that he has been and still will be a great president, a wonderful representative of our nation. I can almost say that it seems clear to me that he is the right one after observations. He has been a great president these past four years, and I feel that another four years will only do us good. He first hand knows how the middle-class struggles, giving an example of his grandparents attaining an education during his DNC speech and expresses desire to keep helping the middle class. I love how he encourages citizenship amongst us citizens to counter the common selfish thought of "What will America do for me?" He is realistic. He is such a symbol of hope to me. I feel connected to him. The bills that he has passed shows how he cares about the those whom he represents and serves. I love how he invested in renewable energy. Mitt Romney, if elected may do good for the Nation, but I feel that his concern is not as much about the people but rather more for the economy as dictated in his presidential speech. I do not know how or when my husband and I would attend graduate school if Obamacare was taken away. From watching both candidates, I sense that Obama has a greater concern for the American people as he has proven over the past four years, as Romney has a greater concern for the economy, which he himself has proven his skills in financial development over the years.

Simply said, you can say that I like "Bronco Bamma" more. I want a president like him to look at as my national leader. I want to support a president who cares about the people. Regardless of who gets elected, I hope to remember that the position which both candidates are striving to attain come with such heavy responsibility. We ought to honor both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney for wanting this immense duty of being president, which involves unimaginable hours of work. 

This is in no way to say that my opinion is best and I am right, so hopefully people won't be offended. I did want to disclose who I am voting for and the reason behind this decision. :) I strongly encourage you all, if you haven't, to watch at least their presidential speeches and if possible even their "highlights of their debates" which is shown on news agencies like CNN. Ask yourselves who you are voting for and why. This is such a wonderful privilege for us to be involved in choosing our president to represent us for the next four years. For those who are of a certain political party, please try taking off your hat for a moment and think about this election as citizen instead of a party member, because after all we're fellow brothers & sisters in the USA. :))


This is a refreshing salad that I quite enjoyed!
1 Cucumber (big)
3 ume-boshi (Japanese sour plum)
Sliced green onions (as desired)
Ground white sesame (1 Tbsp)
Miso (2 tsp)

1. Smash the cucumber, making sure it is cracked. Then cut them into bite-sized pieces.
2. Mix the green onions, white sesame & miso in a bowl.
3. Add the ume-boshi & cucumber.

Using a real tomato instead of tomato sauce makes the biggest difference in your spaghetti. Try it! :)
I will post cooking instructions in the next post!

I love mumsy for bringing this. Sakura-mochi <33
Can you see the witch & bat pasta?
Since we were sick on Halloween we celebrated with these Halloween pasta purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond into our chicken noodle soup.


From: Dear Husband

Cal Poly Pomona corn maze!

They like to snuggle together a lot.

Where is Shifu?

Snuggle snuggle snuggle. Why so cute?




  1. I'm commenting here on the "Mormon Girl for Obama" post because I can't figure where else to comment on it. Good for you Masumi for how well you stated your opinion and your reasoned argument! I can see how you came to your conclusion. If more people took the time to seriously consider candidates and issues, we would all be far better off as a country. While I don't hold the same opinion, I also am not one of those who hates Obama and thinks he's a terrible person. Even Mitt Romney stated this in one of his debates when he said that he thinks President Obama is a good father and has an admirable family. My vote for Governor Romney is based on his strong academic credentials and his record of success in government and the non profit world. His philosophy on government affairs more closely matches mine as well. But it is good to see your wise thinking on matters politics and I enjoy your wonderful blog. Thanks Masumi!

    1. Thank you for your reply Bro Williams! I absolutely love receiving insights from readers. I completely respect your vote, and this will be exciting to see who will be president! I hope you are doing well! :)