Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's been a while! For some reason I thought that Blogger was closing down, and at around the same time I had been thinking of making a new blog, which you can see hasn't yet been created since I'm posting here.

So far this summer has been both great and rocky. Job hunting is still in full throttle ever since I graduated last month but so far nothing yet. It's funny how graduates tend to struggle finding a job, I had a much easier time finding a job before graduating. The best part about this summer so far is that I have time to play with my camera and practice taking more photos. :)

A few things that has been going on lately:

July 4th - Independence Day. Chadsen & I got to do a few together thanks to our city permitting fireworks!
We had quite a good free show all around us thanks to our neighbors firing up their huge fireworks. Thank you :).

Last weekend, after getting my ring rhodium plated again Chadsen and I spent some time at a park, where we found two duckies with a side-do. This one, and...
This one. So, are these two related? 
These two were two peas in a pod the entire time we were there. They just hung out (until a big duck would come at them). Observe how the one on the left simply looks as if it is in bliss? Just look at how it smiles, so cute!
My sweet friend Ashley let me photograph her pretty much all day a few weeks back to help me practice photography!
Is she not a beaut? 
See you soon.


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