Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've been waiting forever to get this new...


Yes!! I have been eagerly waiting to get my hair chopped off for at least four months, because my current hairstyle has not been quite "me." When I came to this realization that my hair was not reflecting my personality, I was determined to schedule a haircut appointment ASAP, but this got delayed due to keeping my hair long for my friend's wedding. She wanted her bridesmaids' hair long if possible, and since keeping my hair long for a little while longer was the least I could do to help make her big day special I decided to wait it out until after she got married. Somehow the hold-up lasted an extra two months because her wedding was back in May. 

Nonetheless, today I am feeling extra happy because the day had officially arrived to get a new do! Or as you would say in Japanese, I finally got an "イメチェン” (E-meh'chen). Can you hear "image change" in that phrase, because that's what it means.

Here it is. I have probably never been so ecstatic about a haircut as I am today. Hopefully it doesn't horrify anyone, because I absolutely love it!!

Here's a side view. 

Semi-side view. 
Thank you to my hair stylist, who I've gone to for my hair for possible about 10 years. She's amazing! 


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