Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Honestly Excited: GRE

Today marks the first day of my GRE studying. Speaking with all honesty, this is so exciting for me! Since the program that I studied at for my B.A. degree did not leave me feeling terribly smart, studying for the GRE serves as a great opportunity to gain a little more intellect. This may sound crazy but I look forward to learning new things and feeling a little bit smarter. :) Who knows though, within a week or two the elation might fizzle out and then I may begin the days of opening the book with much dread. Let's hope not though.

The GRE studying was originally planned to begin in the beginning of August but it got held up for a few weeks, but as people say better late than never. :)

Goal: Study every weekday for at least one hour. Let's hope that it goes well. 



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