Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bridal Shower for one of my bests, Keleny

Yesterday one my very best friends Keleny had her bridal shower.

Best friend?

Yes I just said best friend, and I say it with both caution and confidence because the topic of "best friends" can be very emotionally touchy. I do want to discuss this because I feel that other girls may have similar ideas as me when it comes to having "best friends" (I already feel oh so girly). Personally I choose not to throw the word "best friend" around often because sometimes I feel that it discourages somebody to think that a good, special friendship is out of reach with a person who already has a publicly declared best friend. Perhaps that is only how I feel, or think that is how people feel. There are an extremely few people who I can call a best friend (and they know who they are), and how lucky am I to have cultivated such a close bond of friendship with these select few over the years.  As I openly exclaim "Here's one of my best friends!", my intention is not to close the circle. I'm blessed to have friends who I can hold dear as best friends. I also look forward to developing so many more close friendships in the future, don't you? While I am confident that the close bond will never fade with those who I put in my mental treasured list of "best friends", I don't hold back the thought that there are encounters awaiting later in life with people who I either have known in the past or will meet later who I will get to be very close friends with to the point where they too become one of my bests of friends.

So let me tell you a little bit about Keleny.

Keleny has been on my oh so tiny list since I was young in years, and I have no doubt that she will forever be there. She is the sweetest, kindest person I know. She has been there for me far too many times more than I even deserved. You can literally feel her sincere love and kindness that she expresses to you, and this has been the case for me all throughout my life :). She has been such a light to me growing up and she still continues to shine as an example for me to follow. Basically, if you meet her you'll love her.

I cannot express the happiness that I felt for her as I truly realized that night that she is getting married! I have seen her literally bloom into a beautiful woman, now preparing to start a new path with the man that she loves so much.

World, I'm so excited for her. If you knew her you would be excited too. :)

The bridal shower was camping theme, as they met at a campsite & both love camping. ;))

One of my tiny decors.

My makeshift nature crown for Kel to wear at the shower.

We had many generous ladies who baked & made goodies for this occasion.
Thank you!

The future bride's mother!

I didn't even ask how much time she spent prepping her delicious goodies for the night because I knew she wouldn't say.
She is an amazing goody maker. Thank you so much!

She so willingly wore that little amateur-made crown. Too nice sista.

Happy mom :)

Describing her first dates.

Personalized embroidered towels. WHAT?

Her bow-quet ;)

These two were the lovely lady who helped prep that lovely evening.

Love you Kel :) Can't wait for her big day.


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