Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hypothesis about "Half-babies"

This weekend was a busy one. My husband, father in law & I traveled over to Utah for our cousin Rebecca and Omar's wedding. (Congratulations to the newlyweds! :)) Rebecca looked beautiful in the wedding dress that her mother, who is a seamstress, made for her. The two newlyweds looked so in love :). Rebecca & Omar came out here to California from Utah (or New York? Can't exactly remember) for our wedding last month, and now it was time to celebrate their big day! It was nice going out there and meeting with friends and family, especially our little adorable 2nd cousins. Not to impose the half-baby (half Asian, other half Caucasian) idea on these little ones, but they are so beautiful and well mannered!

It was a nice weekend, but hopefully road trips won't be on the to-do list for a long time. At least not one that takes as long to get to as Utah, because while not being the one driving, I was still pooped out by the end of the trip. (weaksauce)

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For those who know me, I love little kids. I love squishing them, hugging them, pinching their chubs because they are so cute, but I've noticed that many "half-babies" are just particularly cute. I always wondered what it was about these "half-babies". Well, just a few weeks ago I established within myself about the reason why "half-babies" are so often such a beautiful sight to see. Well, it's more of a hypothesis. Most of these children have those large eyes with brown/blonde-ish hair, right? I figured out that they like those characters that are drawn so often in animes, those Japanese cartoons! Man, when I figured it out, wow, what an epiphany! Does anyone else agree?! If anyone else has another idea I'm all ears.

I missed making my own food during the entire road trip. It skipped my mind that a road trip meant fast food. I'm not a fan of fast food.

This is a side dish I made on one of the first days of our marriage. Veggies seem to be something that people just don't enjoy eating, but I think if it's prepared right, they can be delicious! Actually, I love veggie dishes, so much!

This dish has a bit of a potent Japanese smell/taste, so consider this a dish for my fellow Asians :) If you serve this, it's highly recommendable to eat with it plain rice to balance out the strong (yet yummy) taste.

If anyone wants to try it, here's the recipe:
Tomato - 2
Chopped up Green Onion ~ 1/2
Sesame oil - 1 Tablespoon
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
1. Wash & then cut up the tomatoes in bite-size pieces
2. Mix the Green Onions, sesame oil, and salt together
3. Add #2 to the tomatoes
Yum :)

Sunshine spotlight <33:

Boba was the most stand-off chinnie at BunnyBunch. When we tried to adopt her, she would bark and bark, running away. It took a while to even get her out of the cage when I wanted to see if I wanted to adopt her. She was sooo scared :(. Within a few months she started showing signs of trust by letting me pet her, and a year later after becoming a part of my life with Shifu, she finally has started letting me rub her chin. Now, when I put my head near her she sometimes tries to clean my hair as if cleaning her fellow chinnies' fur. Despite resulting in messed up hair it's really cute! I can't help but say "awww :')" I think she enjoys living with Shifu and her daughter Mimi.

It's the sweetest thing when people or animals open their hearts to you, trusting you <3

It's amazing what an iphone can do!

She often puts her little paws on that ledge, making it look as if
she's waiting for food on a little table. Makes me squirm!
(I'll post pics of more than the chinnies soon, but aren't they cute? :))


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