Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newly Married = Provident Living?

Hello, I'm Masumi. :)

This is my first post (It feels so different from having a journal), so here is a little introduction about 5 foot under me.

I am a Japanese American, currently studying Social Work for a BA. Just over a month ago, I got married to a wonderful, sweet husband :) It's been so sweet, so fun being married to your favorite person, your best friend When we moved out, we took with us sweet memories and lasting relationships. We also brought our three adorable chinchillas (shown below).

This blog will talk abt me, food that I've made or come across that my extremely picky taste buds approve of, and also a variety of things that touch my heart (like my irresistable chinnies) :)

Content relevant to post title:
While my husband and I were engaged, I was expecting nothing more than to live a humble newlywed life. You know those stories of dirt-poor newlywed days, "When we were first married..."? Yeah, somehow it didn't turn out so hard for the two of us. A month after marriage, I can't help but feel SO lucky, and SO well-off. What the heck happened? The gifts that the wedding reception guests gave us were mostly items that we had listed on the registries thinking "Well, we'll register for a lower-priced one, but it won't hurt to list this too?" For some reason, we have utensils that we didn't even have in our own homes. Adding to that generosity we've received, my father-in-law has been coming to our apartment weekly since we got married, up-grading our small apartment with each visit. This is bad, but sometimes I even get upset with him for bringing nice stuff (and he knows!)

I can't help but think over and over: "This is not how newlyweds are supposed to be living." Working since 15, I'm not used to having so much cool, nice stuff, and I never expected it for obvious reasons.
Wealthy living wasn't a part of my family's life, but let me add that that never changed the value of my family. So, "this girl is so bragging" right? I will say, YES! ha ha but please hear this: I'm gratefully bragging about the generosity and kindness of the people around me. I learned so much during this time of marriage AND engagement. Through experience I make a bold statement that despite the growing number of people who live for themselves, there are still SO MANY people who have cultivated open, loving hearts and are willing to love love love. For those who feel discouraged from seeing a little too many ppl still stuck in the me-world, I know hearts can change. I can't help but feel so grateful, thankful. Thank you thank you thank you, if only I could finish these thank you cards more quickly. I know that God knows me and my worries, and He has blessed me through loving hands, both before and after the wedding.

So for anyone that is currently engaged, my advice: If you ask for help you'll be surprised with how many people are willing to help you. :) To bridesmaids & friends how have engaged friends, please ask them what you can help with (that's if you do want to help hoho), they'll appreciate it, promise.

DISCLAIMER: Overload of pictures. I've just got to post everything I've made so far, it's so exciting! It's quite empowering, knowing that I can cook! YAAS! From the next post, there should only be one or two pics, but it's not a guarantee... can't say how many adorbs will be posted though.

I've started cooking since marriage, and I can't help but feel the cooking flame from within just BURN. These are some of the things I've endeavored to make so far:

Thank you little cookbook, for having so many wonderful and simple recipes for newbies like myself. :))
This used a ketchup and soysauce sauce, and it tasted so good with the veggies :)
Mom makes this better, I need to improve on this one. It looks simple, but the sour plum and seaweed gives the dish a good kick.
This cold dish is so good with that sesame sauce on the side, promise. It's great for hot summer days, we've been stormed with them. My mom used to make this all the time. I loved it. Every time.

We got a huge packet of center-cut bacon at Costco. That meant that we got too much. Note to self: stick the bacon in the freezer. Tasted good tho.

Asian pear with grapes. Ok I just wanted to make it look cute, didn't cook it.

This had all sorts of things on the tomato from bits of bacon, panko, parsley, etc. The lemon juice on top finishes it :).

This simple carrot salad, was refreshing and nice. It felt so good not having to heat it up. The dressing was just olive oil and vinegar, with a little bit of black pepper.
Sunshine spotlight <33: b="b">

From left to right: Shifu, Boba & Mimi.

Mission: Take pictures that capture more light.

According to my husband: Mimi is an attention hog.
This is exciting!


  1. What a sweet blog Masumi! You do bring sunshine to everyone around you.

  2. i want a chinchillaaaaa. give me one. you don't need three!! please? thank youuu :)