Monday, August 27, 2012

Wisdom from Donkey Kong

Hi again!

It's been a good past few days. On Sunday we got to visit my side of the in-laws. Home sweet home :) Whenever we visit my side of the family, we always play Sequence. It's like a formula really: Visiting the Taguchis = Play Sequence. If any of you have a family of four (or there are four of you who want to play a board game), I highly recommend that game, it's really fun! I've always felt that nothing makes me happier than family, seriously. I'm lucky to have one.

Today my husband and I went to several stores and markets to restock our home. It's fun going grocery shopping with your beloved! If any of you haven't tried it give it a shot, quite fun!

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For these past few days, I can't help but think that my "To-Do List" never seems to run out of things to do, especially when it comes to the things to do around the house. It's been sort of stressing me out, because I'm a huge task-oriented person. My sense of accomplishment doesn't really arise at the end of the day because the list still has stuff written down! My mind keeps rehearsing "We have to do...", "We haven't done..." :O Despite my husband kindly encouraging me to enjoy the journey and take it easy, it has still been a little struggle on my part.

Today for Family Home Evening, after reading a few scriptures, Chadsen and I played Donkey Kong for the activity. While playing this game I started burning with anger. Man, if anyone has this game Donkey Kong on the Wii, world 4 is SO card, the cave world!! My husband of course was able to beat the newest level with just a few tries, but I was far from his skill level with making Donkey and Diddy jump perfectly on a cart to reach the finish line. "Why is it so hard!?" As I kept losing more and more (before the level even started to begin -___-) I began to get SO upset. The more I tried the more angular my eyebrows got, if you know what I mean. I must've tried beating this level around 30 times. When I was about half-way through, I realized something important. I had realized that my goal of course was to finish the level and to accomplish this goal it was going to take patient effort and quite some time, knowing my personal skill level. I then began to slowly appreciate and take joy in the journey of my little improvements. I began to feel happy for making Donkey transition his cart onto two rails instead of just one! No, I didn't finish the level on my own yet, but I got to the halfway point! For me, that was good enough for now. Maybe another day I'll try again and improve a little more :)

So, with my house chores and "To-Do-List", I'm going to work on acknowledging and enjoying my little achievements. :)


The following three pictures is the food that I mentioned in my past post, the food that my husband made. He called it the Honey Chook! He used an oven-toaster to make this (save $$, score for small ovens!).   

This chicken tasted amazing. He sort of winged it.
For the flavoring he used honey, soy sauce, a pinch of vinegar and oil (any type).
He just cooked them up in a pan, and poured it on the chicken to cook in the toaster oven :)
Before eating it we put extra honey on just for an extra punch of taste.

Amazing finding by our little family: Caramelized onions + corn = amazing.

I provided his kitchen armor >:).

I made this also on a tired day, when I didn't have enough energy to whip up something from scratch.
This is from Costco! Bacon-wrapped beef. It looks quite small, but don't let the size fool you, it fills you up!

This was really fun to cut into slices and see the chunk of lettuce turn into a fun Caesar salad! :)

The dressing:
Mayonnaise- 2 Tablespoons
Powdered cheese (I cut up shredded Parmesan cheese) - 1 Teaspoon
Milk - 1 Tablespoon
Ground garlic -  1/4 Teaspoon
Salt - 1/4 Teaspoon
Pepper - 1 pinch

Mix em up, and pour on about a 1/4 of a lettuce head.
That's me with no make-up. Ohhhp, oh well now you all know what I look like FOR REAL.
This is a huge stuffed toy of the character OM NOM from Cut the Rope that we found at FRY'S. So cute!

The kind Hruby family made this for us as a wedding gift!! Is this not cute?!
This is a homemade pillow with sewn on chinnies. It is sooo creative, I love this so much.
Thank you Hrubys!

This is another cute wedding gift from my friend Gloria.
Observe the right side of the girl cup, it's got a little jewel for her ring :)
We finally got to use this matching up the other day, thank you Gloria!

My husband and I could not resist buying this plate when we went to Marukai today.
This is so cute and hilarious... Cu-larious!

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