Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired of Toast for Breakfast?

Today was a chill day of just going around doing chores. Buying some items, returning other items, working on Thank You cards, etc. One particularly nice thing about today: Chadsen made dinner! I will post about it another day, but it was honey baked chicken cooked with a toaster oven :) So goooood.

On the other hand, yesterday was a big pile of mishaps. You know those days when it seems as if nothing is going right? Well, yesterday was similar to one of those, but not nearly as bad as others. It all started with breakfast going bad, I tell ya. I was late to every appointment I made including my internship orientation. When I finished dinner I found out that I was missing one of the two main sauces to complete the meal (noooo!) The beginning of the day really seems to magically set the tone for the rest of the day. Usually I'm no big complainer, but yesterday I was just a big butt, freaking out about everything.

Please let me add that every issue worked out in the end. One thing I've learned throughout my life, is that at least for me, alot of things seem to work out. in fact I think sometes I take it for granted. When I get lost on the streets, it never bothers me. Despite feeling totally off the map I always feel confident that I'll find the destination somehow. So dear worrywarts, take me if you think you'll get lost! :)

Again, I repeat that the day was not so bad. Oddly, being late to the internship meeting, I got to get to talk to one of the leaders of the program, take home all of the baked goods (an almost full package of mini muffins, pan dulce, chocolate brownie, and another big tub of breakfast pastries), and received an unofficial part-time job offer from my coordinator. Lucky me! I'm excited to start internship next month, this will definitely be a learning experience.

Some things just for me in case I forget:
1. Me + Full-time job = Not good. Tried it week after being married. Don't like it, won't like it. I'm glad to have tried it though, cuz now I know!

2. From this point forward I am going to work on avoiding the phrase: "I'm tired of..." Hence the title should be the last time I very publicly say "Tired of..." hehe

Today the food item is relevant to the title.
Every time my Mom made this for breakfast, I'd beam with joy. This is a twist from the ordinary cereal or toast with butter. It's nice because it's a package of carbs, fruit, and protein in the morning!

Simple recipe: (for 2 ppl)
1 small baguette (or 1/2 a large one)
Tangerines - 1/4 can
Ham - 1/2
Japanese mayonnaise (pronounced Q-P-)

1. Cut the baguette in desired widths
2. slice the tangerines in half (width-wise)
3. Slice the ham
4. Place the tangerines & ham on the baguettes
5. Add mayonnaise to finish the look
6. Toast! :)

This brings back SUCH childhood memories! I remember as a young girl, my neighbors & I would go to the Hogi Yogi store to buy their delicious frozen yogurt all the time. My favorite fruit to add was blackberry. When I found out that they were moving, it was a sad day for me :(.
FORTUNATELY, we found Hogi Yogi at Utah last weekend, so on the way home to Cali we stopped by. Yesss!
Childhood memory: observed.


Chadsen and I thought that shirt was a total crack up. Maybe we've got odd 
humor, but look! I almost bought it.

I haven't seen's "20 Images That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity". If you've already seen the other website's, ask yourself if you've seen the picture with the quarters, beautiful teen, duck saving, and the 1st grader. If not, this page is worth your time. It'll lighten up your heart. :)

Chadsen's dog is absolutely adorable. PLEASE take a look and agree. :)

See ya!

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