Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Been Hectic

Last week was hectic. It must've been a long while since my life has been that busy.

Now that the week is done, I can say it was one of those first week crazies.

Internship began, work began, and school also started the week prior to last week. I consider myself really blessed in this situation though because I'm loving my internship, loving work, and I have just the right amount of classes not to overkill me. It's been really exciting!

In the past I've had so many bad experiences with work, so I feel so lucky to have such an enjoyable job. My duties at work are to help kids take naps by reading them books, eat with them when they wake up, and play with them! Best of all, we facilitate healthy growth for the children and help them practice their agency. It's exactly what I've been wanting to try for a while, ever since I had started working with kids!  

Now that I get home a little later than usual, I miss out on one thing in particular: Cooking. I miss cooking already! 

Saturday, 9/22, was my big 22. In celebration Chadsen took me out to have a scootin' good time! That's right, he took me out to ride a scooter out in North Hollywood :) I hadn't touched a motorcycle/scooter since I got my motorcycle license over a year ago. Oh man, that feeling of exhilaration! We tried a little trip and drove ourselves to Porto's for some chhhheeeeese roooollllls! :) Love em love em love em! 

Thank you sweet husband for the BLT minus the L! :) 
Look how cute they are!
This is one of my favorite cakes ever.
Lemon Cake!
You can try a taste of this at Eat Cake Cafe, in Rowland Heights.

Credits to my Sis in law Errissa for getting us a cake saw for our wedding gift. :)

Chadsen took us out to ride scooters for my 22nd birthday :)
He took the heavier one, thank you :)
My lil ride for the day.
Current dream bike. Look at that beautiful red color!
My friend Joanne got Yelp mints. Aren't they so cute? ahhhh!
They're shaped like the Yelp sign, and taste quite good too.

Chadsen noticed how strange of a pose the lady had in modeling for the gloves.

These three cats were young four month old strays living in front of our house.
For reasons our landlord was thinking about getting animal control services to take the cats away.
We knew what would happen to these kittens if they were taken, so we ventured to get them adopted somewhere.

The process of capturing the cats took about a month.
After several failed attempts in catching them with a box to save money, the landlord was so kind as to get three cat traps for us to carry the cat in.
When we got the cats, Chadsen & I drove out back to Chino Hills to an adoption center, but unfortunately they said they didn't have space. On top of the denial, they told us that the black cat had a really low chance of being taken in at another center because of the stigma a black cat carries (black cats are my fav :( ).
That made us feel very worried, our hopes were very dim for the black kitten.

We got referred to Cats In Need, located at Petsmart (or Petco) in Chino, in Central Ave, so we went.
While waiting for about an hour for the owner of Cats In Need to come in, a miracle happened.
This random lady who walked into the store saw the black one, disregarded the two other beautiful ones sitting next to it and asked us, "Hey are you selling them?"
After explaining the situation, she tell us "I'll take the black one. Someone stole my black cat, and I'm pissed off!"
The cat that we thought would not find a home, was the first to go.
Thank you God.
Luckily, the owner of Cats In Need took in the other two, after assessing that they had the potential to be friendly with humans. It's been a few weeks now, I hope they're all doing well. 


  1. Happy birthday. I eat my BLT without the L as well I just put cucumbers in instead.

    1. O it tastes good with cucumbers? I gotta try that! See you soon Reese! :)

  2. Minty fresh reviews! -Yelp (im obsessed!)

    I saw you trying on those gloves... posing like her... lol jk!

  3. Hopefully we can get a scooter sometime soon! :)