Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Moments From the Past Few Days

Sunshine post

Over the past few days there have been a few occurrences that came across as sweet moments to me. In order to not forget about them, I'm jotting them down. 

1. On Monday my friend asked me to take her along when we go visit the Temple Visitor's Center again. 
This place has much meaning to me, and it was the first time that I had a friend express a liking for it. The Temple Visitor's Center is a place where I can feel peace and solace, feel the Holy Spirit, speak with the Sister Missionaries for any reason, and strengthen my testimony of the church. I remember a particular time when I was struggling from a little issue I had over a year ago, and I felt prompted to go there. So I did, skipping class. Sounds bad huh? Well I met just the right person to help me, and I felt so much better after talking to her and spending time there. 

2. While driving home today I thought about winter coming up, and then I envisioned enjoying a little cup of warm dessert from Pheonix with my sweet husband. 
I again felt very lucky to be married to him. It really is the little things that we do together that bring so much joy to me. Winter break, I'm really looking forward to it.

Christmas is coming up! Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming before that, but I'm already feeling so excited for Christmas. There is just something remarkable about that holiday season that seems to brighten hearts just a little bit more than usual. Since a few days ago I had started practicing a few Christmas songs in hopes to have them mastered by December.


Today Chadsen made dinner. Thanks! :)

Pan-friend potatoes & onions, egg & rice. 


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