Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Ex in Ex-Offender

Last week was sweet. Still continuing the busy business, but nonetheless sweet.

Not only did I get my group presentation done with and out of the way, but for the first time in seemingly long awaited months, I felt the greetings of crisp, cool winds. Yes!!! Is it fall at last? Man I sure hope so because Fall is my favorite season. Unfortunately down here fall seems to only last for a week, so just as quickly as it comes it goes. Every year it's quite disappointing. :( Regardless, I'm feeling pretty chipper right now. That feeling of cool, crisp air, ooo I just love it.  

We also had General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. I love how every time I listen to the inspired leaders speak, it seems that I grow and feel a desire reach for higher ground. I especially love those slap-in-the-face speakers. 

During break time in between the sessions on Sunday, Chadsen and I found something narly. Well, narly in my opinion. The LDS channel was showing a short documentary about a honey company that hired ex-offenders, those who have been incarcerated either once or much more than once. The owner of the company looked at the potential in these people who have made wrong choices in their past and now suffer from being employed because of their status as an ex-offender. She created a transitory program where the employees can acquire skills to be employed at other jobs after a few months of employment with their company.  (Thank you Chadsen for helping me clarify the info).

For many years now I have considered the question, "How do we see those who have been thrown in jail?" I can understand that there are those who seem to routinely get themselves in trouble, but I sincerely believe that their intent is often to make a change in their lives, a better change. Of course again I'm not speaking for the entirety of those who were incarcerated. Understandably companies see the title "ex-offender" as "offender" while looking at an application. The lady who hires "ex-offenders" to work with honeybees is so inspiring. I strongly believe that if we continue to live in fear of what people can possibly do, we can't grow. Many times it hurts to trust somebody and get kicked in the the butt in return, but I can say I've come out feeling glad when I choose to believe in what people would do despite what they can do. I think the local communities are vital to help these "ex-offenders" back into the jail cells. (Again, personal journal :)) Anyways, I've added a link to the company just in case any reader would want to check out what this business is. Chadsen and I definitely want to try out this natural honey that they get straight from the bees. Yummmm!



Chadsen made dinner today, and started the dish off with a lil love. Get iiiiit? hahaha
Our friend Casey is an amazing chef.
I wish he would make a food blog because every meal we've had of his has been jaw-dropping delicious. 

I can't believe that it's been over a year now since these two have been a part of my life.
Lucky me :)

This is the cutest Halloween costume that I've seen thus far, what about you? :)
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