Sunday, October 14, 2012

Behold, the Wedding Photos

It has been a wonderful few days of fall. Unfortunately from yesterday the weather had begun to hike up to the 80s and 90s... Let's just say that I look forward for the fall, winter weather to return.

I am so grateful for my internship. It has only been a few weeks, but I've learned so much and have grown already. Today I couldn't help but appreciate the certain teachers who show genuine concern for their students. They are key to noticing when a child may be struggling with something that may lie beyond the school campus. To me, they make a big difference.

Over the weekend I had the wonderful privilege of attending the wedding of Chadsen's dear friend from high school. I have been friends with these two unbelievably kind people for a few years (Chadsen has known Jill for much longer though). It was so sweet to see them be married. :) I cannot say but it was the most beautiful wedding reception I've ever attended! My face looked like :D pretty much the entire time being in awe with just how adorable, cute, classy and beautiful this event was. The feeling of happiness simply would not leave as we celebrated the marriage of Jillian and Casey, because they are both such sweethearts. Though the wedding and reception venues were gorgeous, I know that what truly made it such a spectacular event was the fact that these two are now married for life. :) It was such an honor to be invited to their beautiful event that I know Jill and Casey spent long hours preparing for. Chadsen and I hope for the best for those two. Congratulations!

The main photographer of their wedding was Meg Meyer. Does she sound familiar? She also captured our wedding and reception! While watching her do her stuff I couldn't help but reminisce back to my own wedding day with my forever Chadsen Chads Chads. So in memory and tribute to Meg, I wanted to post some of my favorite photos that she captured on our big day. I'm very excited to see what photographs she took at the wedding for the TeVaults. 

I'm a picky person. Call is stubborn, snobby, whatever. I'm just picky. So when I found something that I come to really like, I love to tell people about it because I think they might benefit from it or find it to come in handy someday. Meg, although some may underestimate her because of her age, is definitely skilled. She also shows her confidence in her skills, proving herself with the photos that she presents afterward. She knows how to work her magic especially using the sunlight, but when the sun set on my wedding day she made the photos looking nice (at least in my opinion). Her style of photography was what I was looking for when looking for somebody to capture our wedding day, and when I happened to stumble upon her I beamed


No food today, but here's something.

Personal opinion: Making fried rice without a wok is not fried rice. I look forward to buying a wok. The rice doesn't seem hard when I cook it in a regular pan. In fact when I use a regular pan the rice seems all sticky and definitely not fried rice material. :/

Fried rice lovers, what do you think?


So the wedding over the weekend took me back to my own marriage celebration. Aside from the fact that the portion of food that was served to the guests was much smaller than what we had planned (:(), Chadsen and I had a wonderful day (:)). Our goal was to have a reception where we can have a fun time with our guests. Hopefully our guests had an enjoyable time with us that night. We were so grateful for our guests for coming out to celebrate one of the most important days of our lives with us. 

My friend today asked me whether I posted up my wedding photos on Facebook. I had but something tells me that because I made it available to only certain people first, when I made it public it didn't get to people's newsfeeds. If anyone wants to see them now, it's all theirs to view :) Here's my (fav) picture version of my wedding day, taken by Meg Meyer Photography.

This is her website for those who want to see more of her skills :)

My Favorite Picture <3


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