Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas Camera


After all the excitement, the hustling and bustling, singing (for some), cooking and baking, Christmas has finally come and it'll be another year until it comes around again. I am lucky to say that Christmas for me was another great one this year. I've received Christmas gifts that touched me, gifts that I knew took time and effort to make or get. Thank you thank you, thank you. :) 

On the morning of Christmas I recalled what I learned in Primary, a class where the children of my church get together to sing and learn a few weeks ago. The lady explained that we give gifts to each other on Christmas to celebrate how Christ gave us the greatest gift of all, thus being the reason for this holiday. 

It feels so nice to have time off with Chadsen, with no work or school to worry about. Despite the break we've actually been quite busy with gift finding for most of the days before Christmas, and now that Christmas is over we get to really rest. Whew! 

I have always been one who wishes to pursue her interests but never gets around to many of them.  This Christmas Chadsen granted one of my wishes. He gave me a present that opened the gate to something that I had been wanting to try but never thought would be possible for years. He got me a camera! Chadsen purchased various parts of the camera and put them into separate present boxes to surprise me on Christmas day. It meant much more than a lot to me. 

It is so much fun. There is something particular I want to photograph but let me wait to disclose what it is until I get to do it!  

Right now I'm barely learning, but hopefully the I get better and better :) Christmas day was day one with my Canon. I just feel so happy to have a camera!!! :D

Recap of Christmas day. It's really condensed. 

First stop: The Kat's home

Chadsen took this one :) How cute!

My fav dog <33 

Is that cute or cute?

My fav photo of maybe the entire day. Sorry it's blurry.
Can you tell that Puppy is the source of my joy!?
Low-yeh (is that spelled right?), my father in law said to me,
"Let's take a picture of you taking a picture of me!"
Second stop: The Taguchi's family

This is a VERY fun game. Recommend 100%
Thanks Amberie for giving it to Chadsen!

Mom's cheesecakes: bomb.
See you all very soon :) 


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