Friday, December 14, 2012

What can you and I do?

This blog post doesn't have any cute pics, I promise the next one will have Christmas-y things!

So I'm assuming that most people have heard about the terrible incident that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. It is such terrible, heartbreaking news. As a counseling intern at two elementary schools, I can't even imagine my students being in a similar situation.

This is a sensitive topic. When talking about this, I don't mean to negate the anguish and pain that so many are feeling in Connecticut, especially those akin to those who died. I am writing this post especially because it is close to Christmastime. My hope to is to touch on this topic with hopes to shine a glimmer of light. Is that ok?

What the perpetrator did was in no way acceptable. As of now about 27 individuals, 20 of them children and one being his own mother, have been killed due to this decision that he made, at the school campus. CNN stated that his mother may have been the primary target. Hearing this, I feel that anger and sadness and all around the country.

Hearing about this tragedy and the other ones that we have been hearing about, I can't help but ask: "What could have been done for him to change this decision and avoid such a massacre? What did he need to be relieved from whatever was going on within him? What can we do to help prevent tragedies such as this one where numbers of innocent lives are taken by the hands of one man?"

Could a hello or a friendly smile helped him? Perhaps a visit with a relative or friend, an encouraging word from an employee, professor, college worker may have helped? Did he need to see someone such as a mental health counselor to help him through his struggles? Even a doctor? Was there somebody whom he couldn't forgive? The questions could go on and on, can't it? Whatever it was, he didn't have it, or receive it, and I wish he did.

At the moment I haven't found information in regards to what was happening to him before this incident happened. Again, what was he struggling with? This prompt leads me to the realization that everybody is struggling with something and most of us will never know what our friends, neighbors, coworkers etc are also fighting to get through. Does that mean we shouldn't try to encourage or help anyone? That's not the point. There is so much that we don't know, but the beauty is that we can do what is in our power to help the world shine brighter. I believe we can, I would like to hope.

I believe many of us will have different answers in regards to the questions that I brought up. That is the beauty of individuality. Even with this tragic event, it is still Christmastime. Knowing the possibility of these events occurring is scary, it may keep you from even leaving your house! Fear is so powerful. Fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, I believe that it keeps us from moving forward.

Sad events like this bring a dark cloud over the Christmas spirit. There is something that I would like to do to help keep the Christmas spirit shining bright, especially in these dark days. Would you like to join me by trying the solution that is on your mind? :)

I am going to try to keep the Christmas spirit by sharing love to those I can reach in my individual way, in hopes to be that little star that those in gloom seek out in the vast dark skies they see above. (corny)



  1. Masumi, what a great spirit you have. Thank you for reminding me what it's like to be Christlike. I've also came to be more aware recently of how I treat others or what I say and how I smile towards just strangers, bus drivers, people at work etc. Everyone needs to be noticed or acknowledged. I've had some bad days where it's so easy to think- if I were to do this, no one would expect me to & they'll be surprised, and when they realize it, it'll be too late. Obviously, any thoughts like these are not healthy and definitely needs something to pull those thoughts away or else it'll build up. Sometimes we can't sit and wait around for people to come & smile at us but we must make the first step and reach out-to make ourselves feel better.

    Anyways, I've wrote a lot. It is so sad that this tragedy happened to children-God's sweet innocent children.

    Continue to let your light shine! It'll lead others to do so as well. :)

    1. Thank you for the comment Bex :) Thank you also for being a great example, I really appreciate it! I have definitely thought similar things as you, that ppl wouldn't care if I did anything or not, etc. I've also been one who has became tired of being the first to reach out, but it's always so worth it, isn't it? We're so blessed to affect the community which we live in, and I'm grateful for your efforts. We have the power to change, and you Bex, are definitely makin bakin change :)

      It really is terribly heart-aching to know that the victims were indeed the God's innocent children as you said, and I hope this never happens again.

      Ps don't hesitate to write long, I love feedback & comments!

  2. So here is my thought Masumi, we can do kind things in our sphere of influence. When you see a truck driver trying to merge over, instead of speeding up to get ahead of him and hoping the person behind you lets him over, slow down and let him move over himself. Always let be polite when shopping regardless of the demeanor of the people around you. Give occasional positive comments to a stranger when they won't see you again. Make someone else's day. I have had it happen to me and it has made a real impact. I think you Masumi are a great example of this. If we could all be a little kinder, it would go a long way. If we do something kinder than what is normal, it becomes more normal.

    1. I agree with you 100% Bro. Williams. I believe that you too are such an example to so many people around you, including myself. Those are fabulous ideas and I would like to try them myself :) I hope you're having a great break!