Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Cream Puffs

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday.
After being spiritually enriched from church, Chadsen & I headed over to my parent's home. We  take turns going to our parents' homes nearly every Sunday. I feel pretty lucky to be able to do that. :)

Upon arriving home, I endeavored to create something that I had envisioned for a few weeks: Santa cream puffs! They turned out much cuter than I thought they would. What a successful feeling I had after about 5 hours of strenuous, sweat-breaking, bone-breaking, tear-gushing work!! Just kidding, it was actually just 500% fun ("and I sweat 5 gallons" - Chadsen).

What was the funnest part? Having everyone take a part in creating this masterpiece :) I really do feel that Christmas is about family. I love mine, and am so grateful for them.

Behold, this is how it went :)

You can see all of the cream puffs that Chadsen recorded on this youtube video.

Mom says it's the ugliest haha! It is, unique. :)

That's my original sketch of what they would look like.
On the next day the food dye had smeared a little bit so the faces looked a little funky as you can imagine haha :O

Eight days until Christmas. More things to create & bake! :)