Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Beginnings

Last Saturday I got to start off the first day of December with a Cal Poly Christmas institute party. It was a fun little get-together. With my current lifestyle being draining, it definitely brightened my spirit :). The pics below the currently half-lit Christmas tree is something we did with whip cream, it was so much fun! 

As of today my fall quarter 2012 is done. YES. I felt literally freed when I realized it after arriving home from work today. 

Now I can start Christmas decorating, activities and baking! So far, the only Christmas-y festivities within the home are two strands of lights above our dining table, a Christmas tree, and half-lit lights. That will hopefully be changing within the next few days. Please expect more Christmas posts soon :)

This is our first Christmas tree together. It's actually our first time having a real tree too. :)
I bought it at the Christmas tree lot where my good friend Stacey works in Chino.

I can't help but just laugh when I see Mimi's face like that. 

Boba on Chadsen.
My chinchillas always brighten up my day no matter what is happening. I'm really so grateful to have them be a part of my life. Thanks to them, I don't feel very lonely when I'm home alone because they're always there either being silly, letting me pet them, or putting a smile on my face because of their immense cuteness.  

Love you chinnies :)


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