Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Delicious-latier

Last Saturday Chadsen took me out for a Valentine's day date! :) It was a wonderful day for lucky little me. Let's have the pictures (some taken with the iphone, some with my Canon) do most of the talking. 

In the morning he took over the kitchen and made me crepes for breakfast. I LOVE CREPES! :)
Thank you.
After breakfast he took me to a chocolate shop, one that is now my absolute favorite chocolate shop!

The name is Compartes Chocolatier 
The owner Jonathan designed all of the covers of these chocolate bars. They actually got featured on Vogue magazine. Pretty cool huh?

These chocolates & truffles were beyond gourmet. They were perfectly enjoyable. That means they were perfect, and enjoyable to a perfect degree. I would seriously call them a delicacy. 

Peanut butter cup, Chocolate dipped apricot & chocolate covered ginger. 
Why the heck were they so good? 
What was surprising about the peach was that it didn't taste like the typical "way too sweet" dried fruit. 

This is most likely the most delicious Gourmet Salted Toffee my mouth has ever savored.
We cannot wait to go back.
For lunch we just happened to find this little place called Layla's (Mediterranean food). This place was also extremely good, thank goodness we decided to try it. I scarfed down the little green salad that came as a side to the salmon wrap, which was a tasty surprise. 
Something about the sauce/dressing was so tasty.

So what did I do for him for Valentine's Day? On the actual day I baked him this little brownie & then gave him Batman Valentine's cards that had little messages from myself on Saturday. :)

We ended the day watching the movie Frequency together & drinking yummy boba. It was a great day for lucky little me.


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