Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pork with yo Veggies

Today Chadsen and I exercised. Some of you might be thinking, "Ok that's nice...". Well, besides stretching my legs when letting my chinnies out to play, I haven't been exercising for months. Same goes with Chadsen, with his loads of work for school. Exercise hasn't been on our priority list, so we were so glad to have gone on that hike! I can't wait to do that again. Pictures will come out a few posts later :).

Last night I made pork with tomatoes and lettuce with a side of a simple carrot salad. It's been so long since I cooked, it felt absolutely wonderful! Cooking is extra fun when the food you make turns out good. Fortunately this one did.

The pork was cooked using the toaster oven :). How did it work? I first inserted about 1 cm cuts into the pork on both sides, whacked it a few times to widen the cut, then added salt & pepper to both sides. After the pork was placed inside of crumpled up aluminum foil, it got cooked it in the toaster oven for seven minutes on one side and seven minutes on the other. (I added a few more minutes on the second round just to make sure that it was fully cooked). The tomatoes were marinated in a sauce that I made and when the pork was ready I put the sauce and tomatoes on top! The salad was a recipe on it's own, which I talked about on a previous post.

Next post: Extreme Krispy Kreme deal! :)


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