Monday, February 11, 2013

The Survey and Two Dozen Extra Donuts

This weekend was packed but definitely fun. Maybe you can say that it was fun-packed. (get it? >;)) We got to celebrate Chinese New Year twice over the weekend thanks to Warren's family and my Kat family, made our last fun memory before my close friend Joanne left to chase her dreams, and I got to join crazy fun people in being spiritually refined at the Relief Society Conference.

So today, having the day off, I slept in feeling sort of exhausted from the weekend (weaksauce.)

Today's post is about the survey that got us 24 extra Krispy Kreme donuts.

Last year Chadsen & I had a craving for Krispy Kreme donuts. After buying a few, I noticed that on the receipt the company wanted us customers to fill out a survey in return for a dozen free glazed donuts when we next buy a dozen. Usually I'm not one to care about filling out surveys (nor buying a dozen donuts), but I did and thankfully it barely took any time.

Having Valentine's Day around the corner, a few weeks ago Chadsen took me to Krispy Kreme again because I loooove seeing the different kinds of decoration and designs that companies do to their products during various holidays, especially the bakeries.

So we bought a dozen donuts, of course some including adorable Valentine's designed ones, then came the free extra glazed. We were quite satisfied with this deal (Already contemplating about who to obviously share this motherload of donuts with), but when we got to the register we saw something else that was definitely a "WOOHOO" moment. The sign said that if you buy a dozen donuts, you get 12 "Valentine's Cards" that lets the recipient get a free donut! Oh man, that day, we were getting more than our money's worth! Cha-ching! :)

So from buying 12 donuts, we essentially left with 36. I think some surveys may be worth filling out :).


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