Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucky at Disneyland

Last Saturday Chadsen & I went to Disneyland where a lot of lucky things happened to us. I would like to say that these were lucky events, but I also believe that it was God being extra kind and merciful to us as we have been trying to live our newlywed life as frugally as possible (to the best of our own ability). 

The lucky events:

1. Chadsen & his co-worker not only got free tickets to go to Disneyland with a group of international students that he works for, but he got paid to be there the entire time until he got back to work.
2. My sweet sweet friend Bonnie got me into both parks for free. :)
3. I was able to ride the bus with Chadsen with his coworker and the international students, thus saving about $20.
4. After waiting maybe over 30 minutes to get Chadsen & his co-worker's tickets, the lady helping them gave us three Fast Passes to rides of our choice! 
5. When it was getting near the time to leave, as Chadsen & I were walking toward the Cars ride (forgot the exact name of it) to see if we would have enough time to ride it, a man with his two daughters (or female relatives) approached us with two fast passes for that ride. Thanks to him we got to ride our now favorite ride in the entire Disney park. 
6. When buying an order of ice cream in a waffle cone, the man helping me added free Mickey Mouse confetti after Chadsen simply asked me whether I wanted them!

This is the sweet sweet Bonnie which I spoke about. :)
She has been one super kind friend ever since we met back in tennis class.
Chadsen, already feeling a bit bugged that I won't stop taking pictures of him from the first two hours of being in Disneyland;).
Bonnie loves: Jedi Training Academy
The lights inside of Indiana Jones made us want to take sexy shots.
Are they not hot?

We went on our Fast Pass rides with these three in front of us. :)

Chadsen took this one as so many birds started flying around!
These are the tickets that the kind man and his two daughters (or relatives) gave us.
Thank you!

I love it when food looks adorable. Ughhh.


Isn't it odd when you wish for ice cream even though you feel freezing cold?

I can't wait to go back :)


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