Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Beginning of Progression

Two days ago I was able to plant seeds for the first time since... who knows when? 
Having a rather stressful Thursday, I gave myself a break by planting these bell pepper seeds that I bought with Chadsen at Target from a while back. Right before planting the bell pepper seeds I got to transplant our little tomato plant that we bought at the Cal Poly Farmstore too. If any of you are looking for a variety of veggies, that's a great place to go, it was so fun to see the selections. :) So Thursday was a hands-dirty, plant growing day. 

It's a crazy thought that once these little seeds are put in soil & then given the water & sunlight that they need they can grow into something big, something they have the potential to be! Two days ago these seeds began their progression into turning into bell peppers. This week was a week where I was given a lot of opportunities to grow and progress too, somebody I feel that God knows I can be. It was hard, facing difficulties with my internship that I never dared to wish for and working hours and hours to make a special party work for a dear friend. The CSULA bomb scare really frightened me, since that's the university I attend. Sometimes I felt a desire to run away from the presenting problems, but throughout the entire time I know that God gave me these little challenges because he knew that it would help me grow into the person that He knows I can be. Even though it was hard and stressful, I'm glad that I was able to be grateful for it. I will always grow, and I will even grow old. As I get older, my hopes are that I'll maybe be more skilled at something, or talented in something specific, or maybe even be smarter, but most of all, I want to be wiser and kinder. 

I'm currently in progress.  

Updates will be posted for both of these little bell pepper & tomatoes-to-bes. :)

Since I'm new to the planting world, I did a little experiment.
In half of the egg carton I put three seeds in each little hole, and in the other half just one seed each. Let's see what happens. :)

Sitting on the piano to get that indoor sunlight. Right now, these bell peppers are still little seeds. :)

Say hello to our Cal Poly Patio Tomato plant.

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