Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Caitlyn's Little sweet-(arf)

Last weekend was a great. Not only was I spiritually enriched by General Conference, but Chadsen & I got to spend time with friends who we haven't hung out with in a while: Caitlyn & Louie. These two are such crack-ups, as Chadsen would say. If you don't know them, then I recommend you do. :)

On top of feeling strengthened, humbled & having shared many laughs that weekend, I was touched by a sweet little soul that I reunited with: Maddox. Maddox is a part of Caitlyn's family and has been so for about five years if I remember correctly. He is so fun, so energetic, so obedient & loyal. Throughout the several hours that I spent with him, I could feel pure love emanating throughout this big guy from all the things he did. His sweetness and loyalty touched me. It doesn't help that I'm a dog lover, but boy did he make my soul feel bright.

This is Maddox :)

That's Chadsen, holding his hand as he rests nearby.

Patiently waiting outside of Caitlyn's door for her. He won't come in until his name is called (so cute!)
Silly Chadsen.
As Louie kept tapping his forehead, Maddox kept blinking his eyes. Silly dog!
"It feel gooooood!"
Having a ball, playin catch! :)

Reaching for his treat. 

See you again! :)

On the side note, can I add that I absolutely loved the heavy winds from yesterday? Usually I don't appreciate my hair whipping around and getting more tangled with each slap that it gives my face, but yesterday it felt wonderful.


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