Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beachin with a One Piece

This is a post to support the article This article explains the reason which the author chooses to wear one piece swim suits (or tankinis) instead of a two piece. I agree with so much of what she has to say. Like her, I do agree that although we women ask men to look at us by who we are, we tend to forget that we do play a part in letting their gaze sway from the inside to outside of us by what we wear.  

When I go shopping, I like to buckle my bag onto the shopping cart not because I don't trust other people, but because I want to help them from even being tempted to take it. I understand that sometimes people can run into desperate situations or simply be tempted to do something wrong such as stealing bags, so I like to play my part and save them from the temptation. 

Like the author says, it is a sacrifice to dress modestly. Of course I would love to wear those sleeveless dresses, and cute sleeveless tops. They'd be very cute to wear. I don't wear a one piece swim suit out of insecurity of my body. My figure is quite alright, not too shabby! I dress modestly simply because I am trying to stand for what I believe in and help my brothers and sisters of God become more like Him. 

I feel that we have power to influence for both good and bad. The media tries to turn females into sexual objects far too often. Skinny, weak, sexy. Tempters. "RAWR." We all know that there is so much more to us than that. Women are influential because they are powerful. 

I am not writing to judge those who dress differently than I do but to explain why I dress the way I do. I am trying to stand for something, something that I know is good. I believe that every person, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age have a desire to be good. I want to encourage them on their path. 

So here are photos that Chadsen & I took at Newport Beach on Memorial Day. We did all sorts of dumb, silly things such as doing "kartwheels", competing to write words before the waves wash them away, jumping around, and taking pictures of odd things.  

Chadsen, posing next to the mother who yelled out at her kids to stay near the shore very many times. Freaking out? Yeah she was, I can only imagine.

Isn't he cute?

I have thought that so many one piece swim suits were ugly, but I got lucky and found one at Macy's. The brand was Guess if anyone likes what it looks like. They might still be selling something similar to it!

This swim suit was neat because it looks like a mini dress, and can very much be worn like one.

While waiting to ride onto the boat that will take us to Balboa Island from Newport Beach!

This should be called the convenience swim suit. I wore pants under it, slapped a light cardigan on, and viola! Outfit.

Great day. Great frozen banana!

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