Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 6: Mini Bell Pepper Plant Growth

Week 6

The tomato plants have been steadily growing. The new tomatoes are growing so quickly, but it seems almost as if the big ones are the same size. It's possibly just because it's easier to notice when small things grow. The plant was growing smoothly and steadily, with our exception of our finding last week. When checking to see how the plant was doing, we found two caterpillars eating away at our tomato plant, leaving a hole through one of our precious baby tomatoes! :( With that experience, Chadsen taught me that caterpillars are enemies to tomato plants. Learning experience: achieved.

The bell peppers have been growing a little taller, and the two leaves are starting to grow farther apart from each other. In between, there is something new growing! :)

Dark photo, sorry!

Do you see that little thing in between the two leaves? Something is growing!



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