Thursday, June 20, 2013


On Monday Chadsen and I ventured out to Sylmar to visit the Wildlife Learning Center. I absolutely loved this place. It was a quaint little center that has various wildlife animals :) Guests are allowed to experience an encounter with some of the animals, so we took that opportunity to meet the most adorable porcupine! There were four of them, but only one was really hungry for food. It's cuteness had us beaming the entire time.

What we learned about porcupines:
We learned that porcupine was the 2nd largest rodents in North America.
They are so full of personality.
The pee on themselves to keep each other warm (How funny is that)!

The main porcupine we got to meet was named Penny. This little one danced around when asking for more food.

Please if you dare, see this cuteness for yourself. (Fullscreen! :)) P.S. Most of the photos were taken by my husband Chadsen!

You can just see it demanding, "More food!"

Their stubby paws are so cute. ughhhh.

This one was bumming around the entire time we were feeding them. :)

"More pah-lease."

Hopefully we will return soon!


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